Kart Racing

Pit Pass

Welcome to Kartona The Electric Speedway! We offer the area's only indoor all electric cart racing facility. Come watch the races or hop in the seat and race your own high speed electric race kart. It's not a go-kart, it's a racing kart that provides a more serious level of driving fun for the whole family.

Before we can get you near the racing action you must purchase a Pit Pass to enter the track area. You can either purchase a daily pass for $5.00 or a yearly pass for $20.00. Daily passes expire at 12:00 AM, Midnight. A yearly pass expire one year from date of purchase. With your Pit Pass you can hangout and watch the fun or purchase a race and run some laps.

Please note that closed toed shoes are required to operate our electric racing karts. This is to ensure your safety. Rentals are available.

Shoe Rentals

Now that you have your Pit Pass--you do have your Pit Pass, right?--we need to start thinking about safety. Our racing karts bring a faster experience than your typical go-kart rentals and we want you to be safe.

Shoe Rentals are required for those racing and arrive in flip-flops, hi-heals, open toes shoes and anything like this. Your feet will need to navigate the pedals to properly and safely keep control of your race kart. Shoe rentals cost $5.00 per person, for adults or children. Sneakers, tennis shoes, skate shoes, running shoes, and others types like these are all great to wear and do not require a shoe rental to race.

Oh goodie, you're oh so close to the racing action. Just a few more things to alert you to, so please continue. Please proceed to the Head Sock section now.

Head Sock

The next item of safety to go over with you is your head gear. Kartona The Electric Speedway includes a helmet, at no additional cost, when you purchase your racing ticket. You can also bring your very own DOT Approved helmet. If you bring your own approved helmet you do not need a head sock. If you use one of our helmets you will need to either bring a clean, used head sock or purchase one from us for $5.00. The head sock will be yours to take home and wash and reuse for future races.

Race fans are you ready? It's almost time to start your engines.

Please proceed to the Racing section now.


Kartona The Electric Speedway is ready to strap you into the seat of your very own race-kart, which is an all-electric performance kart designed for high-speed track racing. Our race facility provides a simply way for locals and tourists to strap into a race kart and have some serious indoor fun on Panama City Beach. You get the full professional race environment to enjoy away from the outdoor elements.

Before you get assigned your race-kart, we will need to verify that you have a Pit Pass, Approved Shoes, Head Sock, Racing Ticket and then you will watch a safety video and get a helmut.

• Pit Pass - $5.00 Day or $20.00 Year
• Proper Shoes - Wear your Own or $5.00 per person, per visit
• Head Sock - Bring your Own or $5.00
• Racing Ticket - $15.00 / 10-lap run

You are now ready to take control of your own performance racing-kart at Kartona The Electric Speedway! Give us a call if we can answer any other questions.

Hours of Operation

Kartona The Electric Speedway is open year round but we do have seasonal hours that vary.

Current hours of operations:
closed on Monday and Tuesday for facility maintenance, open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM, open on Saturday from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM, and open on Sunday from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Can stay later, if busy. Hours are subject to change. Please check back or call for any updates. We appreciate your interest in racing with us!